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Blanks and components

Since 2014, the Lumberson Group has been investing in round wood processing, focusing on sawing, drying and planing hardwood (birch, oak, ash, cherry). Our products are sawn timber, furniture blanks, components, glued board, etc. High-quality logs and sawn timber are sourced from our partners in the

Russian Federation, Ukraine, Croatia and Lithuania.

The keywords of our production are simplicity, delivery speed and flexibility. In order to be closer to our good customers, products are available to Nordic furniture manufacturers in smaller quantities immediately at the Kauhajoki terminal in northern Finland, in cooperation with Protox OY.

Send us a request and our team provides expertise in the selection of timber, blanks and glue boards and helps to find the best solutions even for most complicated projects. With special projects, we offer customized dimensions and planing according to the customer’s needs.

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