Module and CLT houses – Lumberson

Module and CLT houses

We offer carbon neutral biomass

  • Industrial and premium wood pellets – in bulk by sea freight
  • Premium wood pellets – in big bags, pallets, bulk
  • Pellets to replace coal
  • Wood chips – in bulk by land or sea freight
  • FOB/CIF/DDU/DAP basis
  • FSC/SBP certified

Torrefacted pellets

Torrefied pellets are created through a process called torrefaction. Torrefaction or ‘soft pyrolysis’ of biomass allows to extract low calorie fraction from the material and raise energy content of biomass. The pelletized product has characteristics similar to fossil coal and remains completely renewable. One of the main reasons for torrefaction is the increase of energy content. Further advantages of torrefied pellets are:

  • Renewable, CO2-Neutral – allows to prolong operations of coal-fired stations
  • No excise taxes. Carbon credits can be sold
  • Low ash, low sulfur, chlorine, nitrogene content
  • FOB/CIF basis
  • FSC/SBP certified

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