Elementor #1153 – Lumberson

Elementor #1153

Lumberson Group

Lumberson Group is focused on the trade and distribution of biofuels, sawn timber and raw wood – directly from producer to consumer, as well as the processing and sale of forest materials.

We have been operating in the forest market since 2008

as an integrator of trade flows, quality control
and logistics from Russia to the EU.

Responsible Forestry

We believe in sustainable logging and natural, carbon neutral and renewable energy. In our activities, we follow and monitor the principles of sustainable forest use and expect the same from all our customers and cooperation partners.

Our business areas:


Sawn timber

Blanks and components


Head office in Tallinn 

E.Vilde tee 137-17, 12613 Tallinn, Estonia

Mill in Kehtna
Biofuels and sawn timber terminal in Hamina 

Mäkelänkankaantie 202, 49490 Hamina, Finland

Lumber and glue board terminal in Kauhajoki

Mikontie 9, 61800 Kauhajoki, Finland


Contact us:

+372 555 55 555